Precious Baby Gifts!

Every day men and women meet and get married to have children. I know some have children without the sanctity of marriage.

Where would the world be without our off-spring. Most of us love and cherish the new born baby and that’s just what should happen. It is for the most part a great joyous event.

An event that usually takes 9 months to appear from just one tiny egg not much bigger than the top of a pin head.

The statistics say that a baby is born somewhere in the world every few seconds.

Can you imagine what the world might be like if all those children were born into a loving, caring environment devoid of religion where Catholicism, Muslim, Hinduism, Christianity were all speaking the same language. That of PEACE. Where peace means having water, enough food, along with sufficient warmth and a roof over their heads.

Well, this IS where it starts! With the new Born Child.

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One Response to “Precious Baby Gifts!”

  • Hi, are you a new Dad.
    Then SHOUT IT to the world, because from today on your life is no longer your own. But the rewards are out of this world.

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